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Ocean Jasper Tumble Stone

These GORGEOUS Ocean Jasper Tumbles all have amazing patterning and colors! I have included collages of each piece so that you can see their different sides. You can choose your favorites from the dropdown menu! ✨

OR I can pick one intuitively for you from the rest of my stock, by picking the 1,2, or 3 stones intuitively chosen! These beauties are mostly green, and I have attached photos of the selection that I will be choosing from for those when you click on that option in the dropdown. 

  • Origin: Madagascar

A- 20.1 grams (34mm x 29mm x 17mm)

B-  20 grams (42mm x 23mm x 20mm)

C-  22.4 grams (43mm x 22mm x 16mm)

D-  16.6 grams (35mm x 26mm x 17mm)

E-  22.6 grams (35mm x 25mm x 15mm)

F-  20.4 grams (35mm x 30mm x 12mm)

G- 22.6 grams (45mm x 30mm x 15mm

H-  10.9 grams (45mm x 20mm x 11mm

I-  23.4 grams (52mm x 17mm x 15mm

J- 19.5 grams (45mm x 30mm x 20mm

K- 15.6 grams (41mm x 25mm x 10mm

L- 22.7 grams (33mm x 27mm x 19mm

M-12.4 grams (40mm x 25mm x 10mm

N-27.0 grams (38mm x 25mm x 20mm

O-16.8 grams (39mm x 22mm x 15mm

P-18.5 grams (40mm x 18mm x 16mm




Beautiful Ocean Jasper is only found one place in the world, Madagascar.  There are only a few deposits on the island and many deposits can only be reached by boat, making ocean jasper a wonderfully rare stone. Ocean Jasper is said to relieve stress & bring peace & tranquility. The beautiful orbicular patterns that you see in ocean jasper begin as three-dimensional orbs. When cut, you see the cross-section of the stone, so the orbs leave round and flower-like patterns in the stone. Ocean jasper can also form with druzy inclusions. 

*Please note: Photos were taken in natural lighting. These are natural gems that will have imperfections.


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