Ocean Jasper Palm Stone (#6)

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Ocean Jasper Palm Stone (#6)


  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Weight: 107 grams (3.77 ounces)
  • Dimensions: 2.125"x1.75"x.625"

Beautiful Ocean Jasper is only found one place in the world, Madagascar. There are only a few deposits on the island and many deposits can only be reached by boat, making ocean jasper a wonderfully rare stone. Ocean Jasper is said to relieve stress & bring peace & tranquility. The beautiful orbicular patterns that you see in ocean jasper begin as three-dimensional orbs. When cut, you see the cross-section of the stone, so the orbs leave round and flower-like patterns in the stone. Ocean jasper can also form with druzy inclusions. 

Ocean Jasper Collection from Simply Affinity

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*Please note: Photos were taken in natural lighting. This is a natural gem that will have imperfections.