Ocean Jasper Slab (#A8)

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Ocean Jasper Slab 

  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Weight: 62.7 grams 
  • Dimensions: 4.25"x2"x.25"

This amazing slab of ocean jasper is polished on both sides and rough on the edges. Beautiful Ocean Jasper is only found one place in the world, Madagascar. There are only a few deposits on the island and many deposits can only be reached by boat, making ocean jasper a wonderfully rare stone. Ocean Jasper is said to relieve stress & bring peace & tranquility. The beautiful orbicular patterns that you see in ocean jasper begin as three-dimensional orbs. When cut, you see the cross-section of the stone, so the orbs leave round and flower-like patterns in the stone. Ocean jasper can also form with druzy inclusions, like this beautiful piece. 


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*Please note: Photos were taken in natural lighting. This is a natural gem that will have imperfections.