Mystic Merlinite Sphere with Flash (#4)

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Mystic Merlinite (Indigo Gabbro) Sphere

  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Weight: 176 grams
  • Approx. Dimensions: 45mm in diameter

Mystic Merlinite is also known as Indigo Gabbro. It is made of a beautiful combination of Quartz, Feldspar, and other minerals. Because of its feldspar content, Mystic Merlinite can sometimes display beautiful chatoyance, making it look very mystical indeed! "Madagascan Mystic Merlinite is energetically similar to Merlinite. On the third eye, it is one of the fastest ways to open metaphysical abilities, move into expanded consciousness. It assists in exploring the hidden parts of the psyche and applying retro-cognition to better understand situations that have had a profound effect on how you live now." Judy Hall - The Crystal Bible Vol. 3


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*Please note: this is a natural gem that will have imperfections. There are a few small chips and nicks. Natural beauty <3 This piece was photographed in natural lighting, but color may vary from monitor to monitor.