Larvikite Palm Stone (#4)

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Larvikite Palm Stone
Weight: 115.6 grams 
Approx. Dimensions: 2.75"x1.875"x.375"
Larvikite is a beautiful gem in the Feldspar family. It is a wonderful stone to help you reconnect with nature. Larvikite encourages us not to dwell on problems, but to
be more adaptable and flexible with whatever life may bring our way. Larvikite teaches the value of right timing and attunement to natural cycles. It assists in making decisions based on common sense and analytical reasoning rather than emotional conditioning. If you need assistance during intensive periods of learning, or when working magic, Larvikite helps your mind process and assimilate new information and may create fresh neural pathways in the brain. - Information about Larvikite is from: Judy Hall's Crystal Bible Vol. 3



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*Please note: This is a natural gem, so it will have imperfections. These pieces may have inclusions, chips, and nicks.