Fully Adjustable Sterling Silver Magic Ball Chain - in Thin Snake Style

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 24" Magic Ball Adjustable Sterling Silver Chain (Thin Snake Style)

These amazing Italian Sterling Silver chains are FULLY ADJUSTABLE! These are 24" long, but you can even adjust them to a choker's length if you'd like! They work using a sterling silver bead with a silicone stopper that you slide to your preferred length. The extra chain will be a beautiful dangle in the back. You no longer need 10 different chains for different lengths that you would like to accomplish. Instead, just slide the chain to any length you would like according to the size of your pendant or the neckline of your top. They have a regular clasp, so your pendant's bail only has to fit through a small jump ring. The 24" length will fit over most heads, so you don't have to fumble with the clasp behind your neck. Instead, you can just slide your pendant onto your Magic Ball Chain, close the clasp, put the necklace on over your head, and adjust from there! It's super convenient, and you get to enjoy those in between lengths that don't come in standard chains! 

Here is a video on how their amazing adjustable capabilities work: 

Featured in this video is the 24" adjustable thin snake chain (24" is the longest that it will go, but you can make it as short as you would like).

For now, we only carry the thin and heavy snake styles in 24" (at its longest length). Let me know if you would like to see these awesome chains in different styles or lengths! Here are some styles that I would be able to carry in the Magic Ball Chains: Rope,  Box, Singapore, Rolo, Wheat, Diamond Cut Ball, Gold Plated Snake, and Rose Gold Plated Snake. I can also have most of them available in 20", 24", 26", 30", and 36". Feel free to email me at: simplyaffinity@gmail.com if you would like a specific style or length. It may take several weeks for custom requests to arrive.  


Please note: Sterling silver does tarnish/oxidize naturally. We suggest keeping your Sterling silver jewelry in ziploc baggies when it is not being worn. The best way to clean silver is by using a silver polishing cloth. 

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