Carnelian Heart (#4)

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Carnelian Heart 

Origin: Madagascar 
Weight:  109.8 grams 
Approximate Dimensions: 2.25"x2"x.75"

Carnelian is a form of chalcedony (which is in the quartz family). Carnelian is a stone of passion, love, and fertility. It is also the birthstone for Virgos. Carnelian is full of life force and vitality. it is a stone of high energy that evokes passion. At the same time, It is a very grounding and stabilizing stone. Carnelian reminds us to trust ourselves. It can help us to overcome negative conditioning and clarifies our perception. It can also help to calm anger and banish emotional negativity, replacing it with the love of life!

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*Please note: This is a natural gem that will have imperfections. There are chips and nicks. Natural beauty! <3