Blue Aragonite Heart (#3)

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Blue Aragonite Heart

      • Weight: 76.6 grams
      • Approx. Dimensions: 2.125"x1.75"x.625"
      • Origin: Afghanistan

Blue Aragonite evokes peace and serenity with its tranquil blue coloring and unique patterning. You can absolutely get lost in the uniqueness of each piece. It is associated with the throat chakra, and is said to help with clear communication. It helps to share the universal language of love, as well as the love of beauty found within nature. Reminiscent of beautiful waves of water, its unique patterning helps to remind us of the natural flow of life, and that we will be lead to where we need to be by allowing our heart to align with our mind and our intuition.

Blue Aragonite "unites the third eye, throat, and heart chakras." - Judy Hall