Tabasco Geode Pendant Wire- Wrapped with Garnet Accent Bead

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Tabasco Geode Pendant

Approx. Dimensions: 1.75"x.5"x.5"

I wire-wrapped this little Tabasco Geode using copper wire. The accent bead is a faceted Garnet. I hope that you enjoy this piece as much as I did creating it! This OOAK piece comes on an adjustable 18”-20” black cotton cord chain. 

Tabasco Geodes are the world's smallest geode formations! They are formed with agate on the outside and druzy quartz crystals on the inside. Agate is a very grounding stone that brings emotional, physical, and intellectual balance. Its multiple layers can bring hidden information to light, and it encourages us to speak our truth. Quartz is a powerful healing amplifier. It is wonderful for regulating energy, whether it be storing, amplifying, or releasing energy. Geodes also amplify energy.

*Please note: This is a handmade piece that will have imperfections. This piece was photographed in natural lighting. Different monitors may slightly change the colors in photos.   

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