Enhydro Agate (#5)

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Brazilian Enhydro Agate

  • Weight: 11.63 ounces
  • Approx. Dimensions: 3"x2"x1.5"
  • Origin: Brazil

This incredible agate specimen from Brazil has water trapped inside. Enhydro Agates are developed as the layers of the agate form. Sometimes, a cavity forms in the layers and water gets trapped inside, creating an Enhydro specimen.

Please note: The chalcedony shell is porous, allowing water to enter and exit the cavity very slowly. Especially if you live in a very dry climate, with low humidity, it is suggested that you keep your Enhydro Agate in water to emulate its conditions when it was underground, constantly surrounded by moisture. Otherwise, your Enhydro agate can dry out. 

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