Tucson Gem Show 2020

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Tucson Gem Show 2020

For the last three years, I have started off the new year going to the largest gem show in the world, the Tucson gem show! Tucson 2020 was INCREDIBLE, with over 50 different gem shows taking over the city of Tucson. Every hotel, motel, convention center, and sports arena turns into the gem show with thousands of vendors from all over the world! There were so many astonishing pieces at the show, and I feel very blessed to be able to share a drop of the magic with you all! 


Just one of the amazing gem shows in Tucson
I had such an amazing time at the Tucson Gem Show! As I continue to update the shop with new goodies, I wanted to share a bit of my experience with you all. So, here are some photos that I snapped during the trip. I hope that you enjoy! Leave me a comment below with your favorite photo! :)

Sunset at Tucson Gem Show 2020

Sunset at the Tucson Gem Show

I found some incredible gems, and got the chance to introduce brand new gems including some amazing Euphoralite from the magical mountains of South Dakota. 
Euphoralite pieces that I brought back from the show. 


I got to meet the man who discovered  Euphoralite in the magical mountains of South Dakota! Gary mines and cuts, and polishes all of his  Euphoralite!



One of the most beautiful Tucson 2020 experiences was going out to the desert to soak in the beautiful snow moon. I have never seen the desert so bright in the middle of the night! It was incredible to see the biggest full moon of 2020 in the stillness and beauty of the moonlit desert. 

The 2020 Snow moon over the Tucson desert.

View of Tucson's city lights from the desert. 



Magical Amethyst portal!


I had the chance to bring some beautiful smaller specimens of Australian Boulder Opal to share with you all. It was amazing meeting these lovely Australian opal miners, and their friends that help them out from Tucson!  

Gorgeous Australian Boulder Opal!  


Incredible Agate table!

A lovely agate bench, and citrine and quartz cluster! 
I could feel the magical energy when I walked into Michal and Company's tent! 


Amazing Selenite and Amethyst sculptures! I brought back some of these beauties to share with you! 
Thank you all for following my shop! I feel so blessed to be able to bring back little pieces of magic from the largest gem show in the world. It brings me so much joy to share these beautiful gems with you!
Sending you lots of love and light,

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  • Evie (Simply Affinity)

    Thank you so much for reading, Joanie! I am so glad that you enjoyed the photos! The Agate table was absolutely STUNNING! I would be thrilled to have one of those beauties in my home one day.

    Thank you for complimenting my photo of the landing strip in Tucson. I always try to sit in the window seats on planes. I think it is so magical being able to see everything from above, and the landscape as the plane descends. I really enjoyed capturing and sharing these memories!

  • Joanie Hoffman

    Hi Evie,
    It’s too hard to pick a favorite photo at the show, though if forced, I’d pick the one of the Agate Table. My sort of favorite photo is the one of the plane leaving the ground. I’ve just never seen one of those. Most plane photos are way up in the air. I like the unusual.

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