New Handmade Art, Jewelry, and Exciting News!

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New Handmade Art, Jewelry, and Exciting News!

New Art & Jewelry have just been added to the shop! 

I am so excited to introduce my latest creations - crystal grid art prints, 3-D crystal grids, wire wrapped jewelry, polymer clay jewelry, and new polymer clay trinket dish designs!

As long as I can remember, I have always loved art and nature. I believe that they were my first love! When I was younger, I dreamed of becoming an art teacher when I grew up. As my love for nature also grew, my aspirations later changed and I wanted to become a park ranger. Here we are, years later, and I have my own business that allows me to explore nature, give back, and create art through various aspects of my business: crystal grids, jewelry, photography, content creation, and even in packaging my orders.

This year, I started doing pop-up shops in my area, and bringing my art to those shows has been so amazing! They have made me want to create more, and share my art with the world. I am thrilled about the new direction that Simply Affinity is taking, and I am finally adding more of my work to the online shop as well! I really hope that you will enjoy these pieces as much as I enjoy creating them, and I hope they will inspire you to do more of what you love as well!

Recently, I had the great honor of being named the "Best Artist of 2021" where I live in GA, and my husband, Hughes Taylor, won "Best Musical Artist of 2021!" We are so excited and honored to be picked out of a town full of such incredible artists and musicians! 

You can find Hughes's music anywhere that you like to listen to music! His latest album is called Modern Nostalgia, and it has been charting on the Roots Music Report charts, and he had the #2 album in GA for many weeks in a row!!! He also hit the #3 spot in the nation for blues/rock one week! We are so incredibly thrilled! It is a fabulous album, and I hope that you listen to it!  Here is a link to his website: and also a link to the album on Spotify:

                                               Here is his album on Spotify: 

Here is some of my latest work:

Thank you all for all of your support over the years! It means so much, and has helped me to grow as an artist! :)  

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