Sunstone Sphere (#6)

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Sunstone Sphere

  • Approx.Dimensions: 68mm in diameter
  • Weight: 433 grams
  • Origin: India

Sunstone is very effective for combatting seasonal affective disorders, as it has a positive, uplifting energy, and has a profound connection with the energy and regenerative powers of the sun. Sunstone is a wonderful gem to aid in decision-making. Sunstone is full of energy and life, making it the perfect stone for positivity. It allows us to see the bright side of all situations, and brings positivity to even the most pessimistic of minds.

Sunstone's metaphysical properties information from: The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall, 

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*Please note: this is a natural gem that will have imperfections. There are a few small chips and nicks. Natural beauty <3 This piece was photographed in natural lighting.