"Save the Bees" Polymer Clay Honey Bee Trinket Dish

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"Save the Bees" Trinket Dish🐝
  • Approx. Dimensions: 3" in diameter

🐝This handmade "Save the Bees" honeybee trinket dish is made out of polymer clay. It features a shimmery bee indention in beautiful metallic antique gold clay.  The middle of this piece is finished and sealed with a satin gloss, and the edges are left matte. This piece is perfect for holding jewelry or little stones. Please note: this is not a ceramic piece. It is made of polymer clay. It is lightweight and slightly flexible.

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10% of your purchase will be donated to the Honeybee Conservancy. 🐳🌻🐝 For information on what you can do to help, read this article by the Honeybee Conservancy:  https://thehoneybeeconservancy.org/how-to-save-the-bees/
Thank you for helping to save the bees! 💚

*Please note: this piece is made with a natural gem that will have imperfections. There are a few small chips and nicks. Natural beauty <3 This piece was photographed in natural lighting, but color may vary from monitor to monitor. The art piece is also handmade, so it will have imperfections. There may be some fingerprints in the clay.  

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