Red Dragon Euphoralite Tower (#2)

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Red Dragon Euphoralite Wand

This amazing Red Dragon Euphoralite wand is a variety of Euphoralite that contains a combination of minerals inlcluding: Black Tourmaline, iron-enriched Feldspars, Mica, and Quartz that have a self-energizing field to activate negative ions. 

A rare new stone, Euphoralite, was recently discovered in the mountains of South Dakota. Euphoralite is a combination of natural minerals including: Blue Tourmaline, Lithium, Quartz, and Feldspars that have a self-energizing field to activate the movement of negative ions. With beautiful varieties including, Red Dragon, Snowball, Gaia, Purple Lepidolite, and Yellow Lepidolite, you are sure to find a gem that you truly connect with. 

Gary, the man who discovered, mines, cuts, and polishes all of our Euphoralite says that Snowball Euphoralite and Purple Euphoralite  make the most powerful and euphoric pair. 


  • Approx. Dimensions: 32mm x 20mm x 18mm
  • Origin: South Dakota, United States
  • Weight: 26.9 grams