Wire-Wrapped Fluorite Pendant - Handmade- Ready to Ship

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Wire-Wrapped Fluorite Pendant

Approx. Dimensions: 2.375"x1"x.5"

I wire-wrapped ÔĽŅthis gorgeous green Fluorite using copper wire.This pendant comes with a free cotton cord chain.¬† I hope that you enjoy this piece as much as I did creating it!¬†¬†

Fluorite is a very protective stone that draws off negative energies and stresses of all kinds. It is a stone of progress, and helps us to create structure and organization within our lives. It teaches the importance of balance, and aids in reorganization. This stone dissolves illusions, and illuminates the truth. Meanwhile, Fluorite helps us to see the bigger picture and different perspectives. It is a wonderful stone to promote objective and impartial action, while heightening our intuition. Each color of fluorite has different properties and a multicolor piece brings out all of those qualities at once.

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*Please note: This is a handmade piece that will have imperfections. This piece was photographed in natural lighting. Different monitors may slightly change the colors in photos.  

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